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With over 16,000 horses exported into Mexico for slaughter, horses are fighting for their lives. Without a voice they cannot stand up and fight back. We are doing everything we can to save as many horses from being just another number on USDA export report. 

Fiona's Story

Fiona was surrendered to our open door equine shelter and we believe there is high probability she is a Przewalski horse. She along with thousands of other equines fall into the slaughter pipeline. Witness the resilience of these majestic creatures and support our cause to provide them with a second chance at life and freedom.

Full Circle of Life Horse Shelter

Lazy B is a Full Circle of Life Horse Shelter which helps horses in every stage of life regardless of their age, behavior, training, or medical problems. We strongly believe that compassion for all horses, no matter what stage of life they are in, is extremely important. We help ALL horses!

Equine Lessons and Education

Through education and awareness we shape the next generations of horse owners and rescuers.

We Accept Owner Surrenders

If you or someone you know is in need for a secure place for your horses please contact us. We do not discriminate or shame anyone who comes forward. Surrendering your horse is always a good thing.

Adopt a Horse Today!

We are always seeking loving homes for our rescue horses. Submit an application if you are interested!

Volunteers Wanted!

Our organization relies heavily on our community to accomplish our mission. When we work together as a community it doesnt just mean less work, it means more fun! We organize volunteer events on a regular basis so be sure to sign up to get all the updates.

Cookies the Traveling Pony

Cookies the Traveling Pony visits organizations within our community to spread her pony magic! We want to give back to our community by increasing beneficial human and equine relationships through animal/human interaction. Allow us to continue this program by donating or signing up to volunteer at one of these events!

For more information or to schedule a visit from Cookies please email


*we do not offer pony rides on Cookies

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‘‘Lazy B was so helpful and provided us with all the answers to our questions and made the adoption process a snap. Also, everyone was extremely personable and I could tell they truly love the horses in their care.’’

Kasey Thompson

‘‘Kelsey has such a big heart for these four-legged beauties. It’s wonderful to see someone so passionate about saving and creating better lives for each horse!’’

Alison Underdown

‘‘The horses kept on Kelsey and Gunnar’s property are truly well cared for. Kelsey and her husband are continually seeking ideas to improve their facility. All and any donations would be extremely grateful I’m sure.’’

Kim Bell

‘‘Lazy B is doing amazing work with these horses!’’

Dani Mccutcheon-Needham

‘‘Five stars for Kelsey! I’ve fostered and adopted horses from her and she’s always been super awesome about making sure they’re the right fit. She takes great care of her rescues, and I recommend her to anyone looking to adopt!’’

Celeste Monson

‘‘I highly recommend this horse rescue. They are loving and passionate about what they do 🐎’’

Bethany Smith

‘‘The horses are first❤️❤️ That’s what it’s all about!! 😊 Wonderful caring responsible people working hard to make a difference. Have adopted from them and will no doubt help them whenever I can!’’

Tara Sheehan-Mitchell

‘‘They are all about the horses! Great people to work with!’’

Jerika Pobanz